8 Brilliant Mother's Day Digital Marketing Campaign Ideas

8 Brilliant Mother’s Day Digital Marketing Campaign Ideas:

The Second Sunday of May, every year, is celebrated as Mother’s Day. People begin making plans to make this day unique and memorable for their moms, grandmothers, and sisters. 

Being in business necessitates preparing to make the most of Mother’s Day. Promoting a brand at special occasions or events has grown popular, and experts refer to it as Real-Time Marketing. Similarly, Mother’s Day is a fantastic chance for businesses to increase engagement and revenue.

Customer Attraction Strategies:

Before going into the top digital marketing examples of the Mother’s Day campaign, let’s look at additional information to help you attract clients and plan perfect for the next upcoming celebration. 


Remind your current clientele. Use a captivating subject line, write content that strikes a chord, and convince your receivers to pay attention.


Social Media Platforms

Start social media campaigns with the most relevant hashtags by thinking imaginatively. You may also arrange a social media contest, provide followers suggestions on making the day memorable, or offer a special discount.


 Create a website to arrange interesting events and ask your followers to win great rewards.

Here we provide the top Inspiring Digital Marketing Campaign Ideas of Mother’s Day.

1. #DeliverTheLove from Amazon:

deliver the love from amazon

Amazon’s advertising was, indeed, outstanding. The #DeliverTheLove campaign emphasised that a mother’s love is the only constant. The 1:30-minute film presents a coming-of-age tale through visuals of a newborn, a child, and an adult. Mom’s hand was the primary focus throughout the film, a beautiful metaphor for a mother’s love. Go #DeliverTheLove to your mother now!

2. Hyundai:

Hyundai created an intriguing Mother's Day campaign for 2019.

Hyundai created an intriguing Mother’s Day campaign for 2019. They cleverly combined the notion of our nation, Mother India, with actual moms, playing on the fact that elections were approaching. This superficial yet deep campaign brilliantly delivered its message through its video story, which portrayed a mother and two adult children driving to an election station in a Hyundai Santro to vote.

3. The HSBC:

HSBC in the Middle East created a visually appealing campaign. The Ad video presented a busy-working mother’s love for her daughter in the form of a beautiful, relaxing song performed by the mother.

4.  BYJU’S:

BYJU'S: Mothers day digital marketing campaign ideas

Unlike traditional advertising, BYJU’S adopted a more realistic approach to making the Mother’s Day campaign more engaging and approachable last year. The film essentially showcased their staff responding to situational questions, which was pretty entertaining and made one connect to their replies.

5. The Sunfeast:

the sunfeast mothers day digital marketing campaign ideas

They claim that because God cannot be everywhere, he made moms. Sunfeast attempted to capture this in its 2019 ad. It sent a unique and thought-provoking message that many people take for granted or fail to recognise. It showed this through the eyes of a young guy as he told us about his mother-like figure from his childhood, an old lady who owned a tea store during his college days. We’ve all had a mother figure guiding us everywhere we go.

6.#SheIsAlwaysWithYou by EPSON:

Epson Mothers day digital marketing campaign ideas

EPSON presented a unique link between a mother and her teenage daughter in their ad #SheIsAlwaysWithYou, which put us on an emotional roller coaster till the conclusion. The commercial demonstrated how far a mother would go to meet their child’s requests and desires.

7. #MummyKahanHai SBI Life Insurance:

SBI life insurance - Mothers day digital marketing campaign ideas

SBI Life Insurance created the ad #MummyKahanHai, which included a real-life incident-based film of an SOS mother. Have you ever heard of an SOS mother? From birth through maturity, an SOS mother nurtures a generation of children as her own, meeting their physical and emotional needs. SOS women are carefully selected to guarantee that they are capable of parenting an SOS family in the long run. Watch the video to grasp the campaign’s wonderful message fully.

8. Zomato:

zomato - mothers day digital marketing campaign ideas

Zomato’s #OrderForMom campaign on Mother’s Day last year was sweet, but it also posed a subtle question: “Do we know what our mom’s favourite cuisine is?” But it’s so easy to remember ours! The commercial featured two children buying their mother’s favourite dinner from her favourite restaurant and surprising her by doing it through Zomato. An excellent concept made even better by the seamless brand integration; congratulations, Zomato!


The digital marketing campaign ideas shown above demonstrate how businesses skillfully capitalise on Mother’s Day. I hope these ideas inspire you to think about and implement something similar for your company for forthcoming events.

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