How does App Store Optimization work?

How does App Store Optimization work?

App store optimization, in simple words, is the process of optimizing or making the most effective use of mobile apps to rank higher in an app store’s search results. In today’s world of cut-throat competition, it holds a lot of significance for a company. Their application grabs the viewers’ attention to be helpful for the maximum population out there. To do it, companies make their apps available on the most popular app stores, app stores that have created a monopoly of themselves in the market. In today’s time, the two most popular app marketplaces are the Google play store for Android users and the App Store for iPhone users.

How does app store optimization work?

How does app store optimization work - SEO

ASO focuses on increasing your app’s exposure in well-known app stores to promote click-throughs, downloads, and conversions. ASO includes giving your app’s listing the attention it deserves to optimize all of its key components. Although ASO and SEO are frequently used interchangeably, optimizing your software for app stores is far simpler than doing the same for online searches. SEO is influenced by many variables, whereas ASO may be distilled down to a smaller set of elements.

Depending on the specific ranking algorithm used by each platform, you will need to adjust how you optimize your software for both the Apple App Store and the Google Play store.

You should conduct the necessary study to understand how each algorithm evaluates your app because they all score it slightly differently. We’ll go through some background information now.

Optimizing for iOS and Android App Store Search

Optimizing for iOS and Android App Store Search

You should submit your mobile app to the most well-known app stores during the development, testing, and launch phases to get published.

The two most popular app stores are the Apple App Store for iOS devices and the Google Play Store for Android devices. Each will use its algorithms to rank your app using slightly different criteria.

The main variations are how each store manages keywords, rankings, reviews, and updates, which we’ll discuss below.

What elements to focus upon in App Store Listing:

What elements to focus upon in App Store Listing

The factors that contribute to ASO are :

1.)App Name and Title

Users use this area as their initial point of contact to learn more about what your app does. Additionally, algorithms consider the most critical ranking criterion when deciding where to list your app in the search results. In addition to using your brand name, you should employ significant keywords in your name and title section.

You are only allowed 30 characters in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

2.) Keywords

Your main area of concentration for both app stores should be keywords if you want to obtain a good ranking. With a few exceptions, both the Apple and Google app stores will index your app using keywords.

While the Apple App Store gives you a specific keyword field, the Google Play Store evaluates your app based on all text elements to rank you for keywords.

3.) Downloads

You should prioritize app downloads in your ASO strategy. In addition to moving more users through the funnel, increasing the number of app downloads you get will also help your ASO efforts. Both app stores use the number of downloads as a ranking factor for apps.

You should already be doing necessary actions to encourage downloads, such as incorporating user suggestions, distributing frequent updates, and resolving bugs.

4.) Visual Elements

Your app icon, preview videos, and images are some of the visual components that go into creating your app store listing. When a user searches for a term in one of the stores, your symbol or brand logo—displayed in search, charts, featured sections, and listing pages—is the first visual representation of your brand that customers see. Make sure your icon upholds your design standards and represents your business, as with any visual branding.

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