Black Friday Marketing Strategies

Make your Black Friday memorable with these marketing strategies.

A good number of Black Friday marketing strategies for e-commerce have been on onboards in recent years. So the competition is more creative and more fierce.

The Black Friday campaign offers a great advantage to online shoppers and companies, increasing the number of sales in a short period. But, with strategies, or it will be pretty hard to outstand many notable marketing works without them. Take sound steps and shine bright.

What is E-Commerce Black Friday?

E-Commerce Black Friday?

Historically defined, Black Friday is the first Friday after Thanksgiving Day. It is noted as the beginning of the Christmas Shopping period, an American culture since the 1930s. This year Black Friday is on 26th Nov, and it’s a traditional retail celebrated every year. But the value of this day has recently been higher because of digitalization and e-commerce. The marketing strategies of Black Friday has gone beyond the classical patterns and expanded to dominate the online stores as well. It is crucial for the shopper, online retailers, and e-commerce sites and must be evaluated thoroughly. Preparing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday with focused promotional activities will surely increase the marketers’ sales.

How to get ready for Black Friday?

How to get ready for Black Friday

As the day attracts potential buyers, well organized and designed marketing strategies with the right step will help extract out the best from the great advantage. The marketer must make a roadmap about promotion and advertising based on the data on the market research before Black Friday. The sooner marketer determines, the more they will be able to take advantage of the new condition.

Let the most effective marketing strategies increase the sales of the discounted period.

Make a Fuss:

Make a Fuss - Create Offers

Being there for a limited time, if the shoppers or retailers do not grab the opportunity of Black Friday, they won’t get it again soon. Along with the time limit, marketers should also provide a limited number of products to encourage customers to buy earlier.

Example: Create a countdown on the landing page to give the feeling of run-out. Black Friday marketing strategies should be uniquely creative.

Gift guide prepared:

Black Friday Gift Guide

This trend is often seen that people not only buy for themselves but also search for gifts for their loved ones. So, marketers can take advantage of this and offer a customized gifts guide for the customers.

Example: Show them the category your product is made for and let them choose the best for their beloved.

Fold your sleeves for price-centered searches:

Fold your sleeves for price-centered searches

Price orientation can be seen on Black Friday. Therefore it is necessary to make related advertisements so that the brand is on the search result. If not all, a group of products should be attractively priced and highlighted more on the category page and home page.

Example: Keep the discourse under constant follow up such as ‘Limited Edition Products in next one hour.’

More robust customer support, a stronghold on the market:

More robust customer support, a stronghold on the market

The day not only helps to increase sales but also create a loyal customer base. So the support provided to them after the sale is also crucial. The Black Friday marketing strategy should include converting the temporary buyers to a regular loyal customers. It can be short term but will give long term benefits.

Example: Use email to send them a thank note after purchase and a link to leave reviews on your product.

Permanent connection with the customers:

Permanent connection with the customers

Using social media to make future sales is not enough. Potential customers will only get attracted if the marketer converts its social media into a reminder. The campaign can continue along with new products. The Black Friday marketing should be creative to attract the best number of customers.

Example: Post, share, reply, and reshare to increase your diameter of sales.

Email newsletters should not be skipped:

As working people tend to check their mail more often, it will be easier for the marketers to get the attention for their campaign. Along with an email with attractive sales, an effecting mailing strategy will be a cherry on top of the cake. For a more favourable result, divide the campaign into sub-period and send emails initiating countdown to the potential consumers.

Example: Create a perfect artistic subject line to get the attention.

The cart should be used as a reminder as well:

Email newsletters and reminders

It has been observed that online shoppers leave some products on the cart, and the payment remains unfinished. The Black Friday marketing strategy should include email or reminders for the basket products and notify it regularly.

Example: More compelling if the email notifies the discount provided on the cart products, like a 15% discount on purchasing all the products within the next 15 mins.


Marked as the busiest day of the year in marketing, being an online retailer will give you many opportunities to increase your sales and get long-term potential customers. To sum up, the best Black Friday marketing strategies covered above can help marketers to sell more this year. Hoping you have a better insight into what Black Friday is, its impact on retailers worldwide, how to prepare for Black Friday, and how to be more successful.

We hope Black Friday goes as you desire.

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