Mobile Marketing Trends 2021

Mobile Marketing Trend of 2021.

1. Chatbots:

Chatbot in Mobile marketing trend

The demand for conversational chatbots is rising. They respond to customers’ questions through pre-programmed scripts and artificial intelligence (A.I.). learn about the customers and help in creating future marketing opportunities
From making and canceling reservations to conducting surveys, placing orders, answering questions, these chatbots learn about customers and help create future marketing opportunities and increase engagements.
They provide 24*7 services and, as they mature, they can produce answers based on past FAQs. This ever-expanding information database not only reduces programming expenses but also supports staff and time.

2. User-Generated Content:

User-Generated Content

UGC or user-generated content is an impactful form of marketing as the users create the content voluntarily. These contain texts, images, audio, as well as videos. Unlike influencer marketing, the UGC depends on real-life, unpaid experience and opinions.
Some examples of UGC are-
• Blogs
• Customer’s review on Reddit, etc.
• Social Media Posts.

3. Social Commerce and Shoppable Ads:

Social Commerce and Shoppable Ads

Social Media has recently turned into social commerce where products and services are sold and promoted. Rather than navigating the customers to the website, Shoppable ads enable the brand to tag the product within an image in social media to spend more time in ads to gather information.

4. Mobile Commerce Growth:

Mobile Commerce Growth

Mobile commerce or m-commerce have taken a vast share in the internet marketing pie. With the increase in usage of mobile phones and tablets during recent times, the graph of m-commerce increased by 22.3%
The arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic has also played a significant role in this increase as there is a shift of consumers from shopping malls to online shopping sources.

5. Location Targeted Mobile Ads:

Location Targeted Mobile Ads

Marketers extensively use the use of location-targeted ads as they are both practical and efficient. It helps the marketers to increase customer engagement by meeting their needs just at the right time.

6. Rapid 5G Adoption:

Rapid 5G Adoption

Being the newest technology of broadband cellular network, 5G enables consumers and marketers to use its capability to the fullest.
5G helps marketers by providing a data-heavy experience that was previously interrupted due to bandwidth and speed limitations.
It gave customers power and the opportunity to explore more options and get a high definition and V.R. experience for buying products and services.

7. Augmented Reality:

Augmented Reality

V.R. or virtual reality was termed the latest innovation in the video gaming world. Just based on that concept, A.R. came up as the new generation of internet marketing.
The 5G technology has enabled wider adoption of the Augmented Reality. It helps customers to ‘try before they buy’ by stimulating the usage of the product in their comfort zone.

8. Mobile Audio Marketing:

Mobile Audio Marketing

In recent times, the podcast has become a favorite source of entertainment for people. The podcast can be enjoyed on mobile anytime, anywhere and are an education medium for commuters.
Many savvy marketers use the podcast as a source of advertisement and increase engagement.

9. Voice Search:

Voice Search

Ever thought your business optimization could be through voice search. According to recent reports, there is an increase in voice search users by 9.7%. Virtual Assistants like Google and Siri helps marketers to target long-tail keywords by capturing speakers’ conversational style over typists’ abbreviated style.
Therefore in 2021 and beyond, make sure to incorporate these trends in your SEO strategies.

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