The OI is a dominating type of modern communication that has existed throughout the history of the Web. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) promotes it as an emerging technological principle.

Net neutrality and the Open Internet Initiative (OI) have been increasingly contentious recently, as some ISPs have pushed toward new methods of restricting data delivery. The FCC is constantly involved in court cases on net neutrality, some of which anticipate that ISPs may be able to influence Web traffic to breach the OI. As this case proceeds through the courts, it may have far-reaching implications for the future of the Internet.

Net neutrality and the Open Internet Initiative (OI)

As the Internet has evolved into a single global platform, net neutrality and other values such as Web censorship and privacy have been scrutinised. Over the previous two decades, introducing new technologies has been chiefly uncontrolled and reliant on private-sector innovation. As a result, national governments frequently have varied methods of restricting Internet usage inside their territories.

Open Internet’s future will be crucial in the transparent and free flow of information to Internet users globally.

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