The Mobile Marketing Trend of 2022.

The Mobile Marketing Trend of 2022.

One more month to go, and 2021 will become a golden history in the mobile marketing field as we saw a drastic change, turning everything digital let the social creature use social apps. Even rarely and never used social media users began to be more often ones.

The most downloaded apps of 2020 and 2021 were: Tinder, TikTok, Facebook, and Whatsapp. The gaming apps also skyrocketed from hyper-casual to hardcore titles.

Now that the past is covered, let’s focus on 2022 and check out what’s it bringing on board.

The shift in the platform provides a great opportunity:

The shift in the platform provides a great opportunity

A mobile marketer should have quick adaptation as a behavioural aptitude. Although Google and Facebook are standard marketing channels, they will let you miss a lot if not open to other media.

The sudden surge of platform changes the whole game, and the best example is TikTok’s success. Its growth was crazy as it was listed first in-app downloads and second in consumer spending. Compared to 2020, it grew by 325% (App Anime) and 115 downloads ( Influencer Marketing Hub).

As TikTok was popular among GenZ, a decrease can be seen as the older generation embraced the app. The trend is not going anywhere, and therefore the platform has great advertising potential. They allow advertisers to approach the users in original and user-centric ways, making it more than an ad platform.

An example of the brand which utilized TikTok entirely is Red Bull. Using #givesyouwinggs, it made use of a short video format for an adrenaline-filled video. From inviting users to show their stunts to playing their advertisements, it perfectly blended with the audience.

Therefore utilizing new platforms with tailored creatives is the best way to increase your audience and brand approach, only if it is done before competitors.

Change in Mobile Commerce:

The areas where pandemics had a tremendous impact were e-commerce and social commerce; however, mobile marketing has a special place in the list. The coronavirus outbreak made 2020 and 2021 the highest mobile shopping year. It is not something that will be left behind. According to App Annie prediction, there will be an increase in shopping apps by 40% till 2025 as people become habitual to mobile shopping, and there is no turning back.

People prefer to have an app to research online offers, tailored preferences, notifications about deals and many other shopping features. The already ones supporting mobile commerce are businesses leveraging social media and other consumers’ go-to platforms.

Another huge mobile commerce trend in 2022 will be social commerce. There are significant apps that already support it: Facebook, TikTok and Snapchat and by 2022, there will be more brands to create the social commerce experience.

Talking about shoppable ads, shoppable video ads are the trending topic. According to Marketingdiva, around 40% of marketers already use them. These videos can go to any platform, whether Instagram, Amazon, or YouTube, including interactive fashion runways, influencer starring videos, etc.

Besides providing mere viewing, they meet the viewers where they are, making it the best thing for 2021.

Mobile streaming became mainstream:

Mobile streaming became mainstream

Streaming is no longer restricted to big screens. Be it Netflix, HBOGo, Twitch, Amazon Prime, or YouTube; you can watch all this on mobile. With the pandemic and lockdown, people were confined to homes, but the entertainment was high. Because of this, the stream in phones boomed as they were considered more convenient.

The streaming hours in the mobile reached by 40% more than last year(App Annie). Even TikTok and Snapchat were considered as the streaming service types.

The mobile game is equal to Social networks:

The mobile game is equal to Social networks

Mobile games featuring social foci such as in-game chats, social media connection, spectator mode, etc., are highly demanded.

Focusing on spectator mode especially, where the players can watch others playing in 3rd or 1st person perspective. The typical example is Fortnite and Call Of Duty Mobile.

Regarding the Nielsen report, 71% of millennial gamers prefer watching gaming video content on Twitch or Youtube. These platforms also hold power to make games popular, as happened with Among Us in 2020.

With all the reports and analysis, we can say that mobile gaming is becoming social network 2.0. With 2022 approaching, even more particular features or innovation solutions are yet to be seen.

Make it essential by Personalizing:

Personalized Ads

The shift in mobile has made it hard to stand out in the crowd as users are exposed to hundreds or thousands of ads 24 hours. To make your ad attention-grabbing, let it speak to the client. As Adweek reported, personalized ads increase the efficiency of advertising by 30%.

Personalized ads depend on the data provided to the marketer. It helps them to learn about customers preferences and behaviour. For example, the kind of content they want, message, or CTA’s they want to see. After analyzing that, the marketer segments and delivers the right content accordingly.

Another way to create personalized content is to refer to user feedback, whether through reviews, A/B test results or customer service issues.

All these options will guide the marketer to better engagement and mobile user experience.

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