Twelve Women in Digital Marketing in 2021

You should be aware of these fantastic female marketers.

As the internet was a massive game-changer in the timeline of technological growth, digital marketing has proven to be a significant game-changer in a labour market dominated by males. In a culture where women have a low representation in top positions, digital marketing has provided a forum for women to demonstrate their ability as thought leaders, innovators, and sophisticated strategists. It is noteworthy that women account for around 68 per cent of social media influencers, which is a significant area of digital marketing.

Digital marketing is a convergence of creativity, technical aptitude, financial acumen, and strategic ability that provides a wide range of opportunities for professional success. If difficult circumstances necessitate tough people, then a surge of innovation necessitates inventive individuals, and women have refused to take a back seat this time. They break down barriers, shift narratives, develop their companies, and gain influence.

Isn’t it fascinating? Would you believe it if I told you that some women had made millions of dollars in income and millions more for their clientele through their marketing strategies? That, however, is simply the reality. To put it mildly, these women are inspirational. If you’re wondering who some of these women are, look no further because I’ve written about 12 of them below.

1. Mina Seetharaman – EVP, Chief Strategy and Creative Officer at The Economist Group:

Before joining The Economist Group, Mina was the co-founder and Executive Director of OglivyOne’s Advanced Content Marketing and Video Practices. She was in charge of around $20 million in digital execution. After joining The Economist Group, she worked her way to become the Global Director, Content Strategy, Global Integrated Content Solutions. Her credentials include serving as The Economist Group’s representative to the UN Women GICC and a Digital Marketing Institute’s advisory board.

Twitter: @minaseeth

2. Lisiane Ndong – Client Success Manager UK, FR & Nordics at Searchmetrics:

She is a business owner and digital marketing expert. She is currently the Client Success Manager for the United Kingdom, France, and the Nordics at Searchmetrics, the world’s largest enterprise platform for SEO analytics and content marketing. Before moving on to continue her stellar career, she formerly worked at The Insiders, where she was in charge of directing local and worldwide Influencer Marketing campaigns for FMCG and Consumer Electronics businesses (Samsung, Nestle, Panasonic) in content marketing, social media, and search.

Twitter: @lisianendong

3. Miracle Inameti-Archibong – Head of SEO at Erudite Agency:

Miracle has over a decade of expertise working with small, national, and global companies on technical SEO and data strategy. She formerly worked at marketing and advertising agency Steak as an SEO Account Manager. She also worked at 360i as a Senior SEO Account Executive.

Twitter: @mira_inam

4. Melanie Perkins – Co-founder and CEO of Canva:

It’s challenging to find a graphic designer who hasn’t used Canva at some point. This amazing woman is the brains of that graphic-design tool website. Melanie’s first firm, Fusion Books, created an online method to generate yearbooks before starting Canva. Fusion Books is presently Australia’s largest yearbook publisher and has lately expanded into France and New Zealand.

Twitter: @MelanieCanva

5. Kirsty Hulse – Founder of Mayminds:

She launched Mayminds, a digital business comprised entirely of remote, freelance resources. She is a creative trainer who is eager to assist companies in becoming more imaginative and having more fun with their marketing. She promotes remote working, as seen by her book “The Future Is Freelance.”

Twitter: @Kirsty_Hulse

6. Dana DiTomaso – President and Partner at Kick Point:

As Kick Point’s president and partner, she uses marketing methods to help customers’ businesses thrive. Dana is a previous president of the Advertising Club of Edmonton and a weekly technology writer on CBC Edmonton AM.

Twitter: @danaditomaso 

7. Joanna Lord – CMO of Skyscanner:

She leads the global marketing and brand at Skyscanner. Before that, she was CMO of Class pass, leading customer growth, community development, lifecycle marketing, and brand. She was also Vice President of Marketing at Porch, a leading consumer marketplace for homeowners, and CMO of BigDoor, an enterprise software solution serving companies like Starbucks CBS.

Twitter: @JoannaLord

8. Kay Hsu – Head of Creative and Design, Partnerships Marketing at Facebook.

Kay is a multi-award winning strategist marketer specialising in product development, creativity, branding, communications, and digital strategy. She formerly served as the Global Director of Instagram Creative Shop. She is also renowned for the brand revamp ‘of and the Sony Xperia Creators Program, which helped her earn industry notoriety.

Her current responsibilities at Facebook include directing a “passionate, diversified design and creative team across a range of product categories outside of sales: Media, Audience Network, Gaming+.”

9. Lilach Bullock – Founder of Lilach Bullock Limited:

Oracle has named her the Social Influencer of Europe. Lilach Bullock, a UK native, was an early inventor at the convergence of social media and marketing. When she started her first firm in 2006, she tapped into the developing social media environment as a potent marketing force.

Her early achievement laid the groundwork for a long and fruitful career. Lilach is now widely recognised as a leading authority in lead generation and social media selling. She promotes ethical web marketing and holds herself and her clients to high standards.

In addition to her already impressive credentials, Forbes named her one of the Top 20 Women Social Media Influencers, and Career Experts called her the Number 1 Digital Marketing Influencer.

Twitter: @lilachbullock

10. Amy Porterfield – CEO and Podcast Host of Online Marketing Made Easy:

Amy Porterfield runs a popular podcast; Online Marketing Made Easy. It’s just an aspect of Amy’smulti-platform success story. She is a marketing expert, author, and educator who has given more than 250,000 budding entrepreneurs the confidence and the toolkit to transform their ideas into business.

She could be regarded as an educator in the digital marketing sector. She is considered a go-to online marketing expert who knows precisely how to use social media, online content, and email marketing to reach business objectives. 

Twitter: @AmyPorterfield

11. Beverly Jackson – Former Vice President of Social Portfolio Strategy, MGM Resorts International:

She oversees social campaigns for one of the world’s top hotel and entertainment corporations. She is a field inventor with a particular interest in disruptive marketing methods.

Twitter: @BevJack.

12. Rachel Argyle – Global Marketing Director, UCD Professional Academy.

Rachel worked as the Global Marketing Director for the Digital Marketing Institute for over 15 years. Her areas of expertise include digital marketing, strategy and planning, leadership, stakeholder management, content marketing, communications, and media relations.

Twitter: @RachelArgyle

To conclude on Women in Digital Marketing:

As time passes, it becomes simpler for women to build a name for themselves in any field, mainly digital marketing. Historically, what has been a male-dominated field is slowly but steadily giving way to outright Girl Power. It’s a sensible decision to throw open the doors and embrace the variety and distinct viewpoint that women offer to digital marketing. Therefore #BreaktheBias, #HappyInternationalWomen’sDay

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