Why mobile marketing is the future

Why mobile marketing is the future?

As users became busier in life, their dependence on mobile phones increased. It became part and parcel of life, from ordering food & groceries, checking bank accounts, paying rent, and even trading on the stock market.

With the transition from web traffic to mobile traffic occurring, the trend is now unfolding to app traffic from mobile web. It has become clear that mobile marketing isn’t going anywhere; in fact, it will be overtaking all other types of marketing when it comes to impressions, reach and results.

What is making mobile marketing so popular?

What is making mobile marketing so popular?

When an advertising campaign is measured, many impressions come from mobile users. Because of this, marketers switched from a mobile-first to a mobile-only strategy.

The switch has made it easier for the customer to download the app, and the marketers get better click-through. Since then, mobile marketing has become the topmost priority for marketers.

But the other side of the coin shows the immense increase of competition in the app world. So, to remain at the forefront of innovation, creative mobile marketing techniques should be used using new technology tools.

The full use of DATA:

Full use of data

When the users got targeted, business people started using data they didn’t have before. With the rise of AI and proximity marketing, targeted data became the most critical information for highly targeted ads. It helps the marketers understand and predict the user behaviour, intent, and how frequent the user’s interaction with the mobile compared to desktop.

With the change of intention of the consumer, the tables are turned to the other side, making mobile marketing currently the best marketing strategy.

In addition to this, wearable technology made a new impact on mobile marketing. It helped the users pay through their watches and track their heartbeat rate, physical activity, posture, and water intake. This turned out to be a treasure for mobile marketers as the ads are based on the data received through these devices. Surely this doesn’t mean that users are spied on because it is taken with the user’s consent.

What’s in the packet of Mobile Marketing in future?

What's in the packet of Mobile Marketing in future

Algorithms are becoming fast learners. Evolving algorithms show that digital ads’ learning phase will become shorter over time. The duration spent on Ads will accelerate, and conversion will decrease.

Digital marketing will become more profitable and, albeit more competitive, over time, through this wearable, AI technology and intent marketing. Having new and exciting ways to collect valuable data, the change of digital marketing game is for sure.

Opportunities to boost return on ad spend and reach selective and highly compatible target audiences protrude daily. When harnessing these to understand our customers better, marketers must stay ahead of the game, thus driving more conversions and building better businesses.

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